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Smart System (Pallet Type)

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Smart Systems for Pallet Unit type automatic storage system

That the mission of the automatic warehouse system achieves spatial effective use and high-efficient storage and retrieval. Smart System of Korean E&M is the automated storage and retrieval warehouse system most suitable for the management of weight items of the Pallet unit. Storage and retrieval by 1 point is done and the big effect is brought by substantial reduction in physical distribution cost and practical use time reduction-ization. The weight items and material safekeeping are more flexible by storage and retrieval and are to connect to softer correspondence and dominance computer, and it's possible to systematize the peripheral device department of a lot of Stacker Cranes and Conveyor.

  1. The design of high-speed
    - Stacker Cranes in the control of light weight and high-speed Driving speed 140m / m to the UP.
  2. High storage efficiency
    - Take maximum advantage of the upper space to the ceiling and, stock greatly increase the efficiency fixed RACK compared to about 1 / 3 of the space that you can save.
  3. Reduction of labor in entry and exit of heavy goods
    - Crane driving between two Rack, and automatically, because the Shipping & Receiving, Fork lifter looking at, remove, transport operations that are unnecessary. Shipping & Receiving heavyweights, and when working with products and materials can make faster and reduction of labor.
  4. Installation height up to 21m, various models
    - Installation height up to 21m, various models
  5. Total System
    - When you connect to the top Computer Stacker Crane and Conveyor, such as multiple connections to a variety of peripherals are available.
Stacker Crane body Rack body
Double Mast to be a high-strength design, Chain Type, Wire Rope Type 2 types standardization Strength as a supporter of each Pipe OK to 1.5Ton/pallet
Controller Total logistics System developable
PLC universal design, maintenance and operation simple, the ordering of driving the situation on the LCD Panel display for anyone, simply Operation When you connect to the top Computer, the plurality of peripheral devices, such as Stacker Crane and Conveyor can be maximized by combining the efficiency


ITEM K1000-6H K1000-9H K1000-12H K1000-15H K1000-18H K1000-21H
Rack Height 6,000mm 9,000mm 12,000mm 15,000mm 18,000mm 21,000mm
Maximum load 1,000~1,200kg
Loading appearance W800~1,500 / L800~1,500 / H500~1,500mm
Travel speed Max.80 ~ 140 (Inverter)m/min.
Ascent rate Max.20 ~ 50 (Inverter)m/min.
Fork Speed Max.20 ~ 50 (Inverter)m/min.
Fork Type Single Fork / Twin Fork / Double Reach Fork
Controller PLC ( Programmable Controller ) Korea Electric